I'm Raffy Ukon.

Hi, I am Raffy Ukon. I am a freelance videographer, photographer and online marketeer. I love creating content and telling stories with a creative twist. Telling stories through visual experiences is an essential way to connect with your audience. In combination with our online marketing skills,  we can offer you an in-house full service online marketing solution. Are you ready to connect?



A good photograph is not just worth a thousand words. It can be priceless in the time of social media. I can help you with photography that goes beyond pretty pictures to images that convey meaning and elicit emotion.

Videography Netherlands


I’ve worked on video features for companies in the Netherlands, in rural settings and big cities. I bring this experience to help businesses and create engaging, broadcast-quality corporate documentary films and video features.

emotional branding

Online marketing

To be able to communicate your story, you need an online marketeer to connect your audience with your story. What online channels are you going to use? Who is your target audience and how can you reach them? Those are all important questions.

Free branding guide.

Do you want to learn more about branding and positioning your company online? Or do you want to know which pictures are working the best from an neuromarketing perspective? Download here our free branding guide to learn more.

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Neuroscience of emotional branding

Forming a relationship between your product/brand and the customer through touching the emotions is important. But what are the facts behind it? For more facts and tips, please download our guide above.


Human beings process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual.


Research shows that over 50% of a brand experience is based on emotion. Feelings are what fundamentally drives our actions, not logic sense.


95% of purchasing decisions are made subconsciously, so it's most most effective to target the subconscious mind.


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